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Inspection Guidelines


ACOEP requires that all programs scheduled for inspection during 2014-2015 time period must submit a completed pre-inspection crosswalk and the listed accompanying material to the ACOEP.  Material should be submitted one-month prior to your inspection date and should be submitted to , Manager, Division of Education.


Inspection Pre-Procedure Requirements

Prior to your programs inspection, the inspector will contact you via email one-month prior to your inspection date with a list of the following documents for a pre-inspection review:

  1. Completed Crosswalk in Microsoft Word format
  2. A copy of the Program Director’s most current CV, scholarly activity must be included
  3. A copy of Core Faculty most current CV, scholarly activity must be included
  4. Affiliation/Secondary Site board certification of all attending physicians
  5. One-year of the Attending work schedule
  6.  One-years’ of the Residents work schedule
  7.  Summation of OGME1 through OGME4 Rotation Schedule
  8. One-year of the Didactic schedule with attendance
  9.  One-year of Resident Duty Hour Logs
  10. Electronic version of the programs manual 

Please note that all submitted documentation must be accurately labeled.


Day of Inspection Tentative Schedule

Schedule may vary pending inspector’s preference

  1. Meet Program Director-Tour of the Facility
  2. Identify materials that the Coordinator needs to obtain for review
  3. Meeting with the Chair of Emergency Medicine
  4. Meeting with the Program Director/ Associate Program Director
  5. Meeting with the OPTI Director
  6. Meeting with the Director of Medical Education
  7. Lunch with Core faculty or Residents
  8. One-on-one or group interviews with the Residents- a couple from each PGY Year
  9. Meeting with the CEO
  10. Meeting with Residents of various OGME Years
  11. Incomplete inspection material will be reviewed
  12. Review of any additional documents necessary for the program evaluation (ie- Procedure Logs, duty hour logs, resident evaluations, faculty evaluations, program evaluations)
  13. Administrative Staff member who is willing to revise the crosswalk as they are going through the inspection