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The Value of an ACOEP Membership

Whether you are a student, resident or attending physician committed to the specialty of emergency medicine, you will find substantial value in becoming a member of ACOEP.

Currently ACOEP membership includes over 4,000 individuals and is representative of 85% of today's practicing osteopathic emergency physicians in the United States. ACOEP is dedicated to assisting these medical professionals succeed by providing exceptional education opportunities, forums for peer learning and a variety of clinical and practice management resources. We provide the tools members need to attain great levels of personal and professional growth.

ACOEP is committed to staying at the forefront of promoting and protecting the interests of osteopathic emergency physicians, providing high quality education in emergency medicine, and assuring the highest standards of postgraduate education is met by our members. It is the intent of the College to continually explore new benefit opportunities to maximize the value of membership.

If you are not yet a member in the College, please take a moment to review the criteria in the Levels of Membership.

Applying for Membership

Please download and complete the appropriate membership form below to join ACOEP's growing membership. 

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Student and Resident Membership Application

Fax or mail the completed form to ACOEP:

142 E. Ontario Street
Suite 1500
Chicago, IL 60611


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