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ACOEP Policies

The American College of Osteopathic Emergency Physicians (ACOEP) developed the Practice Management Guidelines as a tool to assist members in their practice of Emergency Medicine.

Click the links below for downloadable pdfs of these policies.

EM Practice Characteristics - Reaffirmed 10-2011

The Role of EM Physicians in Preventive Medicine - Reaffirmed 10-2011

Role of Non-Physician Practitioners in EM - Reaffirmed - 10-2011

RSI - Reaffirmed 10-2011

Ed Ultrasound - Revised & Reaffirmed 10-2011

ED Telephone Advice - Reaffirmed 10-2011

The Practice of Emergency Medicine- Approved 10-2011

Public Access to AEDs-Reaffirmed 10-2014

Emergency Medicine in Medical School - Approved 10-2011

HIV Screening in the ED - Approved 10-2011

Emergency Physicians Writing Admitting Orders - Approved 10-2011

Recognized Certifying Boards in Emergency Medicine - Approved 10-2014

Treatment of Victims of Sexual Assault - Approved 10-2011

Social Media Use by Emergency Physicians 

 Timely Radiological Interpretations - Reaffirmed 10-2014

Advertising and Publicizing Emergency Medical Care

Patient Handoff in the ED 

Critical Medication Shoratges