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Welcome to the Home of the ACOEP Student Chapter!

Welcome ACOEP Student Chapter Members! Medical school is an exciting and challenging time; ACOEP is here to make sure that you have the tools you need to succeed! Here you can find information on mentorship and advocacy opportunities, competitions, event updates and more! You can also download The Fast Track, the only publication made for and by osteopathic emergency students and residents. 

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2014 Student Chapter Member Packet

2013-2014 Student and Resident Membership Application

ACOEP-SC Social Media

The ACOEP-SC Facebook page, and Twitter feed are a great way to stay abreast of all of ACOEP-SC's activities throughout the year. Pictures, stories, and ED related opportunities are always popping up, so feel free to swing by and join the conversation!

Mentor Program

ACOEP provides students with the unique opportunity to connect with mentors who will help guide you through the process of becoming an emergency medicine physician. Our experienced mentors will answer your questions honestly and help to give you the tools you need to grow. Click here for more information!

The Fast Track - ACOEP Student Chapter Publication

The Fast Track is the first and only publication made by osteopathic emergency students and residents, for osteopathic emergency students and residents! To view current and past issues, please visit the Publications page, or click the link to Issuu below.

For any questions regarding deadlines for submissions please contact

The Fast Track - Spring 2015